Harley Rake

Also Known as Soil Conditioner, Power Box Rake

The Toro Power Box Rake is the perfect tool for seed bed and sod bed preparation. The rotary drum on the power box rake pulverizes rough soil, cuts high spots and fills low spots in one pass; while removing rocks and debris. Pure carbide teeth design produces the best possible seeded sub-soil, which promote superior moisture retention and rapid seed growth.

Hydraulic Breaker

Also Known as Jack Hammer Attachment, Breaker, Concrete Breaker

This attachment is designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements. It is designed to maximize efficencies by matching the hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker allowing consistant machine to breaker performance. The innovative design with increased efficiency allows the breaker and carrier to provide increased breaking performance at lower operating temperatures. The hydraulic breaker attachment meets the 750 ft-lb impact energy class with its hard-hitting capabilities.



Material Handling

Earth Moving


Get maximum chomping and ripping power with the root grapple attachment.

Built to be the biggest, baddest biter of them all, the root grapple rips into tough jobs with ease. The heavy-duty design improves the wear life of the grapple, especially when operating in tough land clearing jobs. Inertia-welded cylinder ends permit strong, smooth operation by improving hydraulic cushioning. And a curved, skeletal tooth design allows materials to be picked up without driving the teeth into the ground.

It's ideal for jobs such as land clearing, landscaping, demolition, construction, rental or buildings and grounds maintenance. Tear it up, bite it off, and spit it out with the root grapple.

4 n 1 Bucket

This four-in-one attachment can be used as a bucket for loading, carrying and dumping; as a grapple for handling odd-shaped objects; or for dozing, leveling and spreading material with the clamshell open.


High-torque, heavy-duty drive system guarantees performance in any soil condition from rock to clay. Dig trenches up to 42" below grade. Heavy-duty nose roller bearing and reversible abrasion-resistant boom give you years of dependable use.

Lawn and Garden

Air & Electrical


Personnel Lifts


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