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Mini Backhoe

This machine is great for getting into those hard to reach places. At an operating weight of only 4500 pounds you can do alot of work in your yard with minimum turf damage. The backhoe is one of the most commonly seen pieces of construction equipment because of its adaptability. It’s standard equipment is a narrow bucket on the rear end and a loader on the front. The operator effectively makes either device the working end by simply rotating his chair and operating a different set of controls. Typically, if the bucket is being used, the flat front end of the loader is set down on the ground to stabilize the vehicle.


•Spacious cab features ergonomic joystick controls with thumb-operated auxiliaries.

•Integrated Toolcarrier option for greater versatility with quick change forks, buckets, blades and brooms.

•Powerful hydraulic system for fine precision with high productivity.

•Travel speed of 25 mph (40 kph) to get between sites faster.

•Wide range of backhoe attachments including augers, hammers, compactors, and a factory-installed thumb.

•AccuGrade Site Reference System for in-cab grade and depth check.

•Ride control option for better material retention and a smoother ride