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       1.  Do you do weekend rentals?

                    Yes, we do weekend rentals.  Since we are closed on the weekends, weekend rental items                             are available after 3pm on Friday and are due back on Monday at 8am.   This is charged at                             the one day rate (exceptions do apply).   For equipment  that has an hour meter, the                                        maximum hour usage is 8 hours.  

       2.  Do you rent stump grinders?

                     No, we do not rent stump grinders.  Reliable Equipment Rental prides itself on providing                              great customer service and the rental of stump grinders actually creates more service                                    problems and prevents us from providing the service our customers demand.

       3.  Do you rent scaffolding?

                    Yes, we rent scaffolding.  The type of scaffolding we provide is called Baker scaffolding.                                 This type of scaffolding reaches a maximum height of 12ft and is strictly meant for indoor                            use.

​       4.   Who does Reliable rent to?

                     Reliable rents to everyone.  Homeowners to contractors, manufacturers to major                                              industry.   Give us a shot.

        5.  Do I have to have an account?

                     No, doing business with Reliable doesn't have to be that difficult.  All we need is a driver's                            license and a credit/debit card.  We are one of the only local rental companies that offers                              this service!