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36k Forklift

​The D160S-5, with a lifting capacity of 36,000 lbs, is the most robust and durable machines in the Doosan forklift product line-up.  The powerful and efficient intercooler turbo-charged Doosan 5.9 liter diesel engine has up to 158 horsepower.  It also has a fully electric controlled Autoshift Transmission that provides electronic inching enabling even massive loads to be moved with great precision.

15k Forklift

Our mid-size forklift has a max fork height of 14 ft 6 in with a lift capacity of 15,000 lbs.  It's pneumatic tires make it easy to travel over compacted gravel and it has a fork length of 6 ft.  It runs off diesel, has 114 horsepower and comes with side shift and tilt controls.




Lawn and Garden

Air & Electrical


Personnel Lifts

Material Handling

Earth Moving

5k Warehouse Forklift

Our smallest forklifts are tri mast pneumatic tire forklift with a lift capacity of 5,000 lbs.  They are powered by LP gas, making it ideal for working inside where ventilation is limited.   A perfect choice for virtually any materials handling application, from factories to farmyards, ports to printers, builders to breweries.